19 June 2008

The Power of ONE

Our church is participating in a HUGE international phenomenon called, "ONE PRAYER."

Basically, churches from all over the world filmed various segments to share with other churches all over the world. The ultimate goal is to make The Church (all Christians -- no matter the denomination or language), ONE.

This was truly Christ's desire for His bride (the Church) and it is the heart of every minister who contributed to this amazing event. Last I heard, over 500 churches all over the United States and around the world were participating in ONE PRAYER.

Our very own, Pastor Dino Rizzo has filmed a segment as well and his message to The Church will be heard around the globe. It's pretty exciting and cool to know that Christians can, and are, coming together for a good cause: Church Unity.
A couple of weeks ago, we heard Craig Groeschel (pastor of LifeChurch.tv) give his amazing piece titled,
"God, Make Us One," (<---click that link to hear it);
it really drove home the point that we need to unite as The Church -- The world sees Christians as so NOT united, so contentious with one another, so hypocritical... what kind of witness is that??? It was very convicting, but also very funny.
It's one of the best messages I have ever heard regarding this topic. You can check the list on the One Prayer website to see if a church near you is participating.
I can't wait to hear what's next!
Really, when you think about it, it's an extremely powerful proposition...

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