12 June 2008


Ok, so remember how I went on and on awhile back about "RagamuffinSoul" and his awesome blog? Turns out his wife is pretty amazing, too. I love reading her get-real, eyes-wide-open posts.
It's rare that I don't leave her blog page either laughing hysterically or reaching for tissue.
I have added WhittakerWoman to my blogroll and you should definitely check her out!
What a cool family!

Last week was SO insanely busy with us FINALLY closing on our house refi and everything that entails... I completely forgot to mention the awesome new friends I made on Friday & Saturday.

Our church often hosts youth/college groups visiting from other churches all over the U.S. who want to serve it up, HPC-style. So, it's really not uncommon to see unfamiliar faces hanging around the Dream Center.
Last Friday, however, we had a truly amazing team working with us.
They jumped right in and helped without even being asked. And they were diligent!
The air conditioning was out in the Dream Center last Friday and let me tell you, it was NOT PLEASANT.
Nevertheless, they worked right alongside us, praying with the ladies, feeding the hungry folks, and helping them "shop" for clothing in our sweltering "boutique."
Then, I overhear someone say the words, "Conway, Arkansas."
Who's from Conway???
They all were!
They were visiting from NEW LIFE CHURCH (Pastor Rick Bezet) in MY OLD HOMETOWN!

I grew up in, and around, Conway.
Wow, it was so great to work with them and I even made a couple of new friends... let's see if I can remember their names... Megan, Brittni, and Carolyn (I think).
I'm so bad with names. =(
Anyway, I will be home visiting family for 4th of July and I can't wait to check out their church!

One more shout out:
My best friend (since 4th grade!!!), Shannon, has recently helped to start a website/blog for moms in the Northwest Arkansas area. I love reading all the great articles they have posted and I think what they are doing is so awesome. You can check it out HERE: nwaMOTHERLODE
Oh, and Shannon let me know that another dear friend, Tim, has been "lurking" on my blog, so I want to say Hi to him, too. I hope to see you both on my next trip home.
Ok, I'm off to bed...


Lesley said...

I love WhittakerWoman's blog too! Her honesty is so awesome and so refreshing! She is really creative too... I want to be like her when I grow up!! :-)

Congrats on your refi finally closing! What a huge relief that must be for you! This economy has people completely stretched, but thats a whole other post for me! LOL

What a "God thing" it was for you to connect with some people from your hometown. I bet you were some excited when you heard the words "Conway, Arkansas!" Crazy how He does stuff like that, huh?

Talk to ya soon!

whittakerwoman said...

Wow, all this love I feel so great! Thank you! H

Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout out, Summer dear! Squish! I can't wait to see you soon.

The Maggio Family said...

i missed you today.