28 June 2008

Weather Girl

Summer Kelly.

Sounds like a weather girl's name don'tcha think?

I've been obsessed with the weather since I was a little girl. Seriously, when I was a kid (among other things) I wanted to be a meteorologist.
My mom used to leave the tv on for our schnauzer, Sampson, when we left the house so he wouldn't get too lonely.
The preferred channel of canines? (remember this was before the invention of Animal Planet)
The Weather Channel!

I habitually (compulsively?) check the weather online several times a day.

On our way here (to Arkansas), my father-in-law informed us that they were horribly dry... no rain for some time.
Well, in Baton Rouge we've had a deluge every day for the past month it seems!
Our first morning back in the Hog state was met with rumbling, gray clouds and a steady, drizzling rain.

I guess it followed us here. =/

Tomorrow morning I'm going to go check out Rick Bezet's church in Conway. We got to hear him speak last week via the One Prayer series we have been watching. It was a great message about freedom from shame and it really touched a lot of people. I'm really looking forward to hearing him again.
Until then, I guess I'll just curl up with a good book and wait for the clouds to break...

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. Christy is obsessed with weather as well. She loves watching the storm chaser shows and watching the weather channel, but would not actually want to be a storm chaser (go figure). She likes to watch it on TV, but doesn't want to be anywhere near bad weather.