02 June 2008

Flight of Ideas

In psychiatry, when a patient jumps from one random thought to another, with no obvious connection between thoughts, it's called, "Flight of ideas."

In the blogging world, it's called TWITTERING!

So, I finally signed up for Twitter, but I'm seriously beginning to question the decision... I mean, I could see its usefulness say, if I were every trapped in an Egyptian prison but mostly, it's just filling up my phone's message inbox.
Seriously, I usually get maybe 8-10 text messages PER WEEK.
In the last 24 hours? I have received 32.
THIRTY TWO, people!!!

No, I actually do like it... I feel "more connected" to my friends now. I know that Carole bought a new hat at Target for $2.48 and that some guy with red-blond hair complimented her singing when she was just mouthing the words (hee hee -- she actually has an AMAZING voice, btw). And Truth4U LOVES to remind me that he is twittering from his iPhone.

It's just so weird to get all these random thoughts from people throughout the day. It must be somewhat like what a schizophrenic deals with on a daily basis. Intrusive thoughts about corn flakes and fingernail polish mixed with song lyrics and inside jokes that don't make sense to anyone but those on the "inside."
I do like it, though.
No, really.
I do.
I promise.
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FeatherIron said...

You nailed it! all that college and being married to a shrink, is working well for you ;-O

HerstoryGirl said...

Bwah!!!! Ha ha ha ha...
Yeah, sure it is. =D

Seeker of the Truth said...

Don't get bitter...just twitter