03 April 2009

And So It Begins...

is the first day of SERVOLUTION week!

I have already spotted several of our red shirts out & about around Baton Rouge this morning.
EARLY today, volunteers took FREE donuts to area bus stops to give to people while they were waiting.
And RIGHT NOW, more than 600 packs of gum are being handed out in downtown Baton Rouge to people working in the offices of various government and private businesses.
Later today will be a watermelon outreach at a couple of local high schools... the list goes on and on...

I was up early & off to Sam's to buy 100 red roses to pass out tonight for MIDNIGHT OUTREACH.
Several ladies from the "Moms Lifegroup" met me at the Annex to de-thorn the roses and tie ribbons and cards onto each rose. This evening, these same roses will be given to strippers and prostitutes to let them know that they are valuable and loved, right here, right now, just as they are.

For the next 7 days -- leading right up to Easter weekend -- there will be various outreaches going on all over the city of Baton Rouge.
Indeed, now that approx. 240 churches are participating world-wide, Servolution might be happening somewhere near YOU, in YOUR town.

You see, my church believes in BEING Jesus to those we meet, not just talking about Him.
We strive to be the "hands and feet" who are doing what we were instructed to do: SERVE.

All too often, the enemy would have us believe that we can't do anything until we get our own "stuff" together. That's a lie.
Your life does not have to be perfect to be used by God. If you keep waiting for the day that it is, it will never come. And when you get to the end of your life, you will regret not stepping out sooner.

It doesn't take much... a simple smile, buying the guy behind you a cup of coffee, offering to pay for the groceries of the young mom in line, taking home-baked cookies to your local police or fire station... even picking up trash in your own neighborhood or washing out your neighbors' trash cans are simple ways you can be a servant for Christ.

What are you waiting for?
The world doesn't need a revolution;

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