28 April 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Yesterday was my husband, Clay's birthday. He turned 47.
I used to say that he "robbed the cradle," because I always felt so much younger than him, but now that I'm pushing 40, it doesn't feel the same.
We are still 7.5 years apart in age, but the older you get, the less age difference matters.
Unless you are the oldest in the group... which lately, has been more and more frequent for me.
I don't know how I feel about that.

But anyway: ~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAY~~~!
I love you!

Even if you don't read my blog.


Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Clay!!! (Sorry its a couple of days late!)

I understand EXACTLY how you feel, Summer! Imagine that - something else we have in common!! I am 8.5 years younger than Mike! I'm 38 and he will be 47 in June. Man, that just looks old for both us when I typed those numbers :-)

I hope Clay had a wonderful birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's cruel Lesley.

Anonymous said...

i do read your blog now