09 April 2009

Get Your SERVE On!

Wow! What a week this has been!
I'm really kinda sad to see it come to an end, but as we all know, the "Servolution" should continue every day because that is what we are here to do. Even if it's only buying someone a cup of coffee or smiling at a homeless vagabond, perhaps offering him a bite to eat... That is serving.

I think, too often, people think they have to be part of some elaborate outreach and miss time from work or neglect their families to make a difference. This just isn't so!
Some of the simplest acts of kindness count, and truthfully, it is often the "simple acts of kindness" we take most for granted.
Like not honking at the guy who just cut you off in traffic.
Or paying for the gas for the mom of 4 at the gas pump next to you.
Even taking a colleague out to lunch or for coffee is a way that YOU can serve & show Christ's love through actions, not just words.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be a part of (quite possibly) one of the MOST FUN outreaches my church does on a regular basis:
Water Give-Away!
This outreach consists of us standing at a busy intersection during a busy time of day and handing out ICE COLD bottled water to people sitting in traffic.
The various reactions we receive range from baffling to hilarious.

For most, they just can't believe that we are doing this for FREE -- really, for FREE (not just saying "free," and then asking for donations). Invariably, many of them will reach into their purse or wallet & try to hand us a buck or two, but we just smile and say,
"NOPE; this is FOR YOU, Free."

Some people won't even look at us... they are probably so used to peddlers & panhandlers asking for spare change. Or maybe they think we are some wacko cult group spreading propaganda.
The ones who actually take a chance and open their windows always seem both relieved and shocked that it's nothing but a gift -- no strings attached!
I really do think this has become one of my favorite outreaches.

Today, the girls & I will meet up with a team & go hand out candy to people sitting in, & working at, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Those people could seriously use a boost to their blood sugar & something to make the wait a *tad* more bearable. This should prove to be very interesting.
Here are some pictures from our water outreach yesterday.
It was a gorgeous day & an amazing experience.

Me (far right) & some of the ladies I served with yesterday.

Merely a third of our team, led by the very cool
Paul Charbonnet (bottom right)

Me & Karina after the outreach was over...

In all, we gave out 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED!!!!) bottles of water in just a little over an hour!
How's that for efficient?

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The Maggio Family said...

some of the simplest acts of kindness can be bringing a friend some yellow daisies for her table and some lunch!