04 April 2009

Servolution DAY 2

What a gloriously beautiful day!

Day 2 of Servolution week dawned sunny & bright, cool & crisp -- absolutely PERFECT!
We all met at the Highland campus for the kick-off rally & to get our assignments. The girls and I signed up for the nursing home outreach, but that was just one of several to choose from. Just a sampling of what the volunteers of HPC did today:
  • *Passing out dog treats @ the dog park (City Park)
  • *Free car wash
  • *Painting houses
  • *Adopt-a-block (picking up trash, mowing lawns, etc)
  • *Foster-care outreach
  • *Cleaning the battered women's shelter

Our team, led by the very awesome Mary Beth Guedry, went to one of several area nursing homes. There, we painted the ladies' fingernails and chatted with the residents. Most of us brought our young children with us on the outreach and this was such a treat for the residents of the home... they just fawned over Raisha and spoiled her with hugs & kisses. Raisha colored pictures and gave them out to some of the patients.

We brought some games and cards to play with the residents and Natasha spent most of the time playing "Go Fish" and "Old Maid" with a sweet lady in a wheelchair. Even though her hands were obviously gnarled and twisted from rheumatoid arthritis, she still managed to beat Natasha in the first game and tie her in the second!

Nadia diligently and patiently painted fingernails, gently removing old polish and applying a fresh coat. She did a beautiful job!
I'm so proud of all 3 of my girls for giving up their Saturday to go & spend time with these sweet, elderly people. I explained to them that while many of the nursing home residents have family and friends who come to visit, many of them don't. Spending the day with them, talking to them and loving on them, was the PERFECT way to "be Jesus" to these lovely people... it's a day we won't soon forget.

THANK YOU Healing Place Church for allowing us to be a part of something so beautiful & life-changing!

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Julie G said...

You should be proud of your girls. And I know they are proud of their wonderful mom.