23 April 2009

At The Heart of Servolution

Reading this newest book by Pastor Dino Rizzo has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. I have read many great books in my lifetime, but few promise to change the lives of their readers as this one is sure to do.
This isn't just a book about serving people; it's a formula for a revolution.
A revolution of hearts and minds... a "Servolution."

Pastor Dino defines "Servolution":
  1. 1) To initiate a complete and radical change of a person's life through simple acts of kindness for the glory of God.
  2. 2) God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
  3. 3) A church revolution through serving.
The author makes it very clear that his church is not looking for a badge, or a pat on the back, or recognition of any kind. What this book aims to do is share its amazing story of purpose which revolutionized a congregation and which is revolutionizing a city.

The interesting thing about serving Jesus-style is that it becomes infectious. Once you start, you just can't stop! I have seen this at work in my church and within my own family.
The spirit of giving is, at once, contagious and cathartic.
I say cathartic, because serving tends to purge us of our self-centered negativity.

When you are giving shelter to a family of Katrina victims, your problems suddenly don't seem so bad.
When you hand a bag of groceries to a young, single mom with three hungry mouths to feed, your financial situation starts to look pretty good.
When you hold a homeless woman who is addicted to crack and allow her to pour out her soul on your shoulder, you are reminded just how blessed you really are.

Servolution wants nothing more than to share the wealth of blessing which has rained down upon
Healing Place Church since the inception of this mission. It wasn't planned or orchestrated; it was simply taking advantage of the opportunities to serve we are all given, each and every day. It's about filling a need.
Moreover, it's about seeing people -- ALL people -- through the compassionate eyes of our Savior.
When you see the need through His eyes, you are always compelled to act.

So many churches spend time and money striving to build their congregation and increase their attendance. Too many churches today are left scratching their heads wondering where the people have gone.
When a church adopts a heart of serving, people are automatically drawn to it -- a magnetic pull on their own hearts. They WANT to be a part of the effort. They quickly realize that they are part of something much bigger than themselves... something eternal.

Servolution will, in one moment, make you laugh out loud and, in another, leave you speechless. You will weep tears of compassion and even more tears of gratitude.
However you read it you will not be left unchanged.


Joyce said...

Hey Summer girl!
I have been wondering about you lately for some reason. How are things?
I really have wanted to get with you and catch up......
Your looking good though.
We did the water outreach too and it was a BLAST....I think we gave out 1500 bottles of water.
Talk to you soon hopefully.....

Anonymous said...

awesome, babe.

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