07 April 2009

Servolutionizing Our City!

If you're wondering why I haven't posted more about Servolution this week, it's because I'm TIRED. =P
But it's a *good* tired, if you know what I mean...

And it's not over yet!
There are still 2 more days of Servolution left, leading up to Easter weekend.

Tomorrow, I am working with HP Women in the morning, planning our big, "PAMPER NIGHT" in early June. This is when we treat women in our church and community to an evening of FREE spa treatments, delicious food, and awesome door prizes! I am on the committee for assigning vendors and making sure we have enough masseuses and estheticians on the floor. Local spas and salons donate their hours to providing these services for our ladies to enjoy in a night of appreciation and encouragement.

After that, I will be heading out with a team to hand out free water bottles at some busy intersection in Baton Rouge during rush hour traffic. I have always wanted to do this kind of outreach & I can't wait.

But the outreach I am most looking forward to, is the DMV Outreach on Thursday afternoon. The girls and I will go with a team of Serve volunteers to pass out candy bars to patrons waiting in line at the DMV. I love it! The creativity of these various outreaches just blows me away.

Oh, I almost forgot!
Tonight, my church hosted "Feed the Children" and held a "PB & Shaq" night.
Shaquille O'Neal was there (he's a native of Baton Rouge) and to get in, each person was to donate 10 jars of peanut butter to "Feed the Children." It was a crazy-fun night & a LOT of peanut butter was donated to go to hungry families across the country. I've always thought that Shaq was a pretty cool guy; now I know he is!

Well, I am off to bed before I fall out from exhaustion... more posts & pictures to come!

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Anonymous said...

Summer, you are an inspiration! MJ