11 September 2008

BRDC Gustav Relief Effort

Went to the Baton Rouge Dream Center today and helped out with the relief effort there. We boxed up hundreds (?) of lunches and then did a "drive-thru" give-away:

Each person in each car got one boxed lunch, and each car received a box of canned foods, and a case of bottled water. We did this for 2 hours and the cars just kept coming!
It was pretty amazing.

I'm very tired and my back hurts from lifting boxes of canned goods, but it felt GREAT to be back at the heart of what HPC is all about:
"To Be a Healing Place for a Hurting World"
I truly belong to the greatest church on earth!

Here are a couple of pics from today:

The roof at Winbourne sustained some heavy damage. The energy folks were trying to finally restore power to our outreach church/facility.

Passing out lunch to hundreds of cars! It was hot,
but there was a great breeze a la Hurricane Ike

See link in post below for pics I took in the days following Gustav's landfall. But please know that these don't even tell HALF the story of the damage that was done to our city.

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Lesley said...

Yes!! I love our church!!!!

I spent last Friday at the Highland Campus doing a drive through supply giveaway... MRE's, water, tarps, some ice, other food. It was amazing to be part of that. God is good, even in bad times. We just have to hold on to Him!!