02 September 2008


I don't know why blogger puts that background behind posts made from my iPhone. Trying to fix it now that I have internet connection again...

Subject: Updates from Baton Rouge

I hope this goes thru... For those of u who aren't already, u can monitor what is going on with us here by reading my Twitter updates to the right (see my sidebar to the right)

If u have unlimited texts, u can "follow" me on Twitter & updates will come right 2 ur phone. Of course u will get some other "chatter" too as I talk 2 my other Twit-friends here in EBR.
Ok, that's about it for now; PLEASE be praying that we get our power back on soon; it's not fun sitting in a hot, dark, sweaty house -- especially 4 the kids. Much love, Summer

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The Maggio Family said...

girl cant read any of this!

Anonymous said...

If you highlight all the text, then you can read it - light grey on marble just disappears - Cindy (Summer's mom)

Valentine Hearts said...

Just wanted to say hi and that you are all in my thoughts. I've stumbled across your blog whilst trying to check on Joyce 'Secret Gardner' thinking of you all.