27 September 2008

It's Saturday?? Wake Me Up on Monday

This week has been a BLUR.
I don't think I've sat down to relax more than 20 minutes in the past 5 days.

I've already told you about the miracle of Monday night (the jean capris fit!), but what you don't know is that the miracles continue...
On Thursday morning -- the morning of the day when I would start my life group -- I stepped on the scale for the first time in over a month.
I thought I was a tad over 50 pounds lost -- maybe 51 or 52... but I never dreamed of the number I would see!
I stepped on the scale and quickly stepped back off.
I checked to make sure nothing was interfering with the scale's springs or balances; I calibrated the scale and stepped on again.
It was right the first time.
I have lost 60 pounds since February!!!

Sixty pounds -- on the nose -- since I first began this obedient mission.
Sixty pounds of undeserved grace from an incredibly loving God.

But that's not all.
My life group began Thursday night and I had 17 women show up to hear the message I had for them! Indeed, 4 others were supposed to attend, too, but had something keep them from coming at the last minute.
What a great start to this endeavor!

This morning, I co-hosted a rather large baby shower for a dear friend of mine who is due in the next couple of weeks.
We are believing God for a miracle for her baby. Please be praying for her (Kristi) -- that the birth of this baby would prove the doctors wrong & that this baby would be a living testimony for God's goodness and mercy.

It's been an exhausting week, but I am SO happy and content.
I think I'll take a nap now... maybe until Monday.


The Maggio Family said...

so excited for you & all God is doing!!!!

Shannon said...

Woo-HOO!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and thrilled about your mission. You are a blessing to me.

Tell Kristi someone's praying for her in Arkansas...