17 September 2008

HP Women & My Life Group

Are you ready, Girls???

NEXT Monday
-- September 22nd --
Healing Place Women starts back up for Fall!

And guess what?
They are going to do a panel, interviewing all of the Life Group leaders so that we can tell a little about our groups & invite women to sign up!

In case you missed it, I will be starting a life group on Sept. 25th:

God's Healing From Obesity and Food Addiction

("Inside Out" for short)

Basically, it's a Christian weight-loss support group, but it's not just that.
I believe it is a revelation from God that I can't wait to share with other women who have struggled as I have.
This is NOT another diet or weight loss trick or gimmick.

This is YOUR ticket to freedom!

This group is for any woman who has struggled for a significant length of time trying to lose a significant amount of weight
OR who has struggled with some form of
eating disorder.

This is not for someone who merely gained an extra 15 pounds on vacation
or who just needs to "trim up" before the holidays.

I'm calling all women who have felt the pain of this struggle, who have been
at wits' end with frustration,
and who are desperately seeking a permanent answer from God.

I hope you will join us next Monday night
and cheer me on.

Seriously, I need your prayers right now.


The Maggio Family said...

I'm so proud of you for doing this and so proud of the church for allowing you to. I know God will bless your group.

Dawn said...

Okay.. to copy the comment above, I am SOOOOO proud of you! I love you!!!