29 September 2008

Rant/NOT Over!!

Not to be a bummer, but: Really frustrating day in the media...

Ok, so I could kinda-sorta believe the whole China excuse about the melamine in the baby formula to increase the "appearance" of protein (not ethical, but believable).
But explain to me the reason one would need to put melamine in CHOCOLATE???
And is Cadbury just stupid, or what?
Did they learn nothing from all of LAST YEAR'S fiascos?
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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac WAKE UP CALL!
A good friend sent me this link from YouTube.
I was groaning after the first 3 minutes. You have GOT to be kidding me!
This guy (the regulator) was warning us of EVERYTHING that has happened in the past month!
Why would nobody listen???
Have you seen THIS?
And then there were THREE.
Where & how is this going to end?
Good to know my future is in the hands of the One, True God.
If I didn't remember that, I'd be freaking out right about now.

That said, I think I'm good on the whole news thing for a while.
Maybe I'll take a week-long hiatus (or two).

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Lesley said...

Hey Summer!

I am a self-confessed "news junkie" so I can totally relate to how you are feeling right now. My head is spinning with all of the rapid, not-good news all over the place right now.

Thanks for this reminder: Good to know my future is in the hands of the One, True God.

I've been dangerously close to completely freaking out lately, and as usual your blog helped me!!