30 October 2008

39 Years Ago Today...

October 30th, 1969

My life was changed forever.
Actually, I guess I should say, my parents lives were changed forever!
I was born shortly after noon, right after lunch and about two months late.
Nope; that's not a typo, nor is it an exaggeration.
(They didn't induce back then like they do now.)

39 years ago, I was just a tiny, squalling infant... today I have finally found my voice.
I am speaking out the message God has shown my heart & I am helping other women who have struggled with weight & food issues (as I have) to realize their value & worth & potential within God's plan for their lives.
39 years ago, I measured a mere 21 inches long... today, I am reaching heights that most people only dream about.
Heights that I never dared to dream about.

39 years ago, I cried when I was hungry... today, my hunger for all that God has for me is insatiable but I am constantly being filled with His satisfying abundance.

39 years ago, I didn't know how to dream... today, my dreams are limitless & unrestrained.
There's nothing I can't do in Christ Jesus.

Who knew that 39 short (too short!) years ago, God would be using a nobody like me to do His good work?

All I know is that if the past 2 years are remotely representative of the next 39, then I am a very lucky girl.



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. You sound nice. You remind me of my Aunt Livvie.

FeatherIron said...

Your a great friend. Happy Birthday.

The Maggio Family said...

happy birthday girlie!

Shannon said...

Weird. I sent you a happy birthday message and it's not here! So late happy birthday. I really didn't forget you.