26 October 2008

Time To Step Up or Shut Up

This past weekend -- LIVE THE DREAM '08 -- was such a needed thing for so many women.

Honestly, God has done SO much in me & in my life in the past year, that I was wondering what more I could possibly gain from the experience. I knew it would be fun & full of great messages, but my cup is already running over...
Still, last year's conference was so life-changing for me that I knew I was NOT about to miss it, so I went.

And God showed up.

He showed up for me & for about 1500 other women who came with just a need for HOPE.

The world is a mess.
The economy is in the toilet.
Politics are smothering the life out of everything.

And if we weren't "Daughters of the King," and "Warriors" for Christ, we might be worried about all of this.
But like David -- standing before Goliath -- we are listening to another voice, following a different path, than the rest of the world.
Our confidence is not in man.
Or, at least, it shouldn't be.

Like any mortal, I have my moments of insecurity and doubt... frustration and anxiety.
I start to stress and calculate and micro-manage every element in my control (which is never truly in my ability to control at all).

And then I remember:
Oh yeah, God is in control!
He already KNOWS about all of this.

He foreknew my struggles before I even recognized them.
He has a plan for me
& He gives me HOPE for my future.
Why should I listen to those who would have me wringing my hands in angst for matters that are beyond my control anyway?
Why should I whine & complain & bemoan
the lot that is cast upon me -- especially when I know
that others are dealing with far more & much worse?

Why do some of us spend time waging war upon
and political agendas
instead being about
"our Father's business"?

Why don't we just SHUT UP?
Why don't we all STEP UP and do something that
really matters?

The world doesn't need another revolution.

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Dr. Gail said...

Loved your blog entry where you mentioned that we are daughters of the King! It's a glorious thing, isn't it? Gail Hayes, author of Daughters of the King, Finding Victory Through your God-given Personal Style