11 October 2008

Say That Again...?

You know, it's been great getting all the compliments and comments about my recent weight loss (63 pounds to date). I love telling them,
"It's not me; I tried to do it for most of my adult life & couldn't. It's all HIM (God)."

But then comes the inevitable follow-up... "So, what exactly are you doing to lose it?"

Um, weren't you paying attention?
It's not me.
I've done every diet, read (almost) every book, tried (nearly) every gimmick.

But when I tell them what I honestly believe, I usually get a blank stare in return.

"You mean, that's it??"

Sure, it may SOUND simple: Turning over a life-long struggle to God and allowing Him to heal me from the inside, out.
But what most people don't seem to understand is that it is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

The actual step of RELEASING that control? It's not so easy despite its deceptively simple veneer.
Yes, there's more to it than that (which is why I'm writing a book), but that step -- that enormous leap of faith -- is the cornerstone for the entire process.
Obedience to Christ, relinquishing control, absolute submission to His way instead of my own, "logical" way.

It doesn't make sense.
I have done NOTHING in the past 8 months to justify (on a logical level) the loss of 63 pounds. And yes, I am perfectly healthy... just got checked out, actually.
Everything is great! Great cholesterol & triglycerides, excellent blood pressure, even my blood sugar is steady & low (Hb A1c = 5.6). Indeed, I've never felt better in my life!

I guess I'll just have to get used to the dumbfounded stares & incessant skepticism.
Take note:
When we allow God to use our pain for His glory and good, we always come out on top!
And some of us get to wear a smaller dress size, too. =)


Dawn said...

I believe you and I absolutely believe that amazing things can happen when you truly give yourself to Him. Unfortunately I have control issues I deal with daily. I know God is really in control, but I like to think that I am.
I'm amazed and inspired after reading through your blog some. Of course, 60 pounds is awesome, but you're attitude and how you're feeling and your ministry to others is even more incredible. Thank you for reaching out to me, Summer! :)

Shannon said...

It is so cool that you're able to point to God when people ask. What an amazing witness!

I can't wait to read your book!