29 October 2008


I know, I know... bad play on words, but it's seriously what I'm feeling thanks to the USPS.

You know, I have ALWAYS been one to support our United States Postal Service.
When they needed price hikes to stay competitive with commercial mail services, I totally supported them.
The USPS is an AMERICAN ICON -- how can any history lover (like moi) NOT support it?

As an eBay seller over the past 3 years, I have used the USPS for my shipping needs almost exclusively. I think I have employed UPS twice during that time.
That may be about to change.

I'm indulging myself in this rant in HOPES that someone -- anyone -- hears my plea & can offer some practical help.

This is the scenario:
I sell to a buyer in the UK.
The UK buyer is offered the choice of PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL, but instead (naturally) chooses FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL due the considerable price difference.
($15.25 versus $27.00, in case you are wondering)
I am not about to force my buyers into using a far more expensive, premium shipping service in today's economy.
That would be cruel and idiotic from a seller's standpoint.

That there is absolutely NO WAY to track a First Class International package?
None, apparently.
So, my buyer in the UK has waited 27 days for her package to arrive (it was SUPPOSED to be a present for her daughter's birthday) and I decide to investigate.

This is what I am told:
Yes, the USPS acknowledges that they received the package into their possession on October 2nd (using the Customs Form #).
After that, no clue.
The UK Postal Service claims the package has never entered their borders and the USPS won't dispute that.
The USPS claims that there is absolutely NO WAY to track or confirm a "First Class International" package.


As I argued with the supervisor (via telephone) yesterday, there should be SOME FORM OF ACCOUNTABILITY for the USPS. Otherwise, a postal worker could just take advantage of that precious bit of information and go on a "shopping spree" among the First Class Int'l packages.
I have known some very fine, upstanding people to work for the USPS, but let's face it:
HISTORICALLY, the USPS' hiring has not been all that selective.
They are known for hiring, shall we say, less than moral individuals who wouldn't think twice about stealing a package, ESPECIALLY if they understood that there is no accountability on the part of their station or employer.


I was informed by the 12th USPS employee yesterday (for the 12th time) that I should choose a (more expensive) traceable way of shipping.

But, my argument is, WHY EVEN OFFER a non-traceable form of shipping? Isn't that just setting the system up for abuse & misuse?
What is the point?

I don't believe their illogical arguments & I'm not going to go away quietly.
I mean, really, in this day and age -- there's NO way, at all, to track these packages?
Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, GPS is tracking the movements of nearly every individual on the planet.
Oh, the technology is there.
It's the conviction that's missing.

If that package doesn't arrive REALLY soon, then I am out more than $60 AND I have lost the item which I could have relisted to sell at another time for possibly even more money. Obviously, Paypal will side with the buyer (as they always do) and refund her money (from my account!) to her -- and I don't blame them! If I were her, I would want my money returned, too! After all, her daughter's birthday has already come and gone. She has paid all this money & for what?

Short of taking up a lawsuit against the Federal Government (USPS, that is), I don't know what else to do!

So, dear readers: HELP!

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Seeker of the Truth said...

Tell me about it. Try taking on the IRS?!?! I've already paid them $5998 (or something like that), and now they say, "nope, you actually owe us $10,460". I am appealing this and may have to enlist the aid of an attorney.