10 October 2008

The Prodigal Blogger =)

I'm so sorry I have been "missing" this week!
What a week it has been!!

In a nutshell, the insanity began at 3 AM on Monday morning.
I woke up suddenly and thought the power had gone out. I got up to get a flashlight only to discover that sporadic areas of my house had power, but 75-80% did not.
We checked the breakers and reset the whole-house breaker, to no avail.
The air conditioner wouldn't work, the fridge was out, and so was the freezer.
In desperation, I began calling friends to find an electrician (well, I waited until after 8 am).

The electrician came out on Monday, but found that the problem was no easy solution... a wire in our meter pan (?) had caught on fire and burned clear through. (!!!!!)
When it fell away, it caused our house to run only on limited power and only a few things (low energy) would work. This required:
*A City Permit to complete the work
*DEMCO to come out and shut off power to our house
*The electrician to come back out and replace the meter pan & wires
*The city building inspector to come out and inspect the new wires/meter pan
*DEMCO to come back out and turn everything back on

Our dear friends and neighbors, brothers Frank & Vince Bellipanni let us stay in Vince's house Monday night so that we would not have to go to a hotel. Our house was getting really hot and since we just did the whole "no power for 5 days thing" last month (ala Hurricane Gustav), we weren't about to do it again. THANK YOU, VINCE!!!

Then, Monday night was HP Women and DeLynn brought an amazing word for all the ladies there. It really touched my heart and encouraged me for the week ahead.

Tuesday was the start of 40SAP and of course, Tuesday night was HPSOM (Elevate) classes.
Wednesday was full of errands and appointments and trying to get laundry caught back up from 2 days with no power (hey, I have 3 kids).
Thursday started with an early doctor appointment, followed on the heels with haircuts for myself & Nadia, followed by the second meeting of my life group: INSIDE OUT

Today was our usual THRIVE Friday & I have spent the afternoon getting caught up on paperwork. It has been a long and exhausting week, but I am more than content with all that God is continuing to do in my life.
Last night's Life Group meeting was just wonderful. I really love all the ladies who attend the group and I think lives are going to be changed & God is going to be glorified through all of this.

If you are wondering what happened to my political rant post, I removed it. For one, it wasn't fair for me to only point out the faults of one side when there have been equal injustices on the other. But mainly, I do NOT want my blog to become a political whipping post. I did not start this blog to influence peoples' political opinions or to publicize my own. I think the right to vote -- to CHOOSE who we want for higher offices is a wonderful FREEDOM and right that many people take for granted. Even if I disagree with your choice of candidate, I will NEVER deride you for YOUR choice.
I respect every individual's right to choose & vote as they see fit.

Hope to begin posting regularly again, but that's it for now.
I'm sure I've worn you out with all of this anyway.
The Prodigal Blogger has returned!

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