18 October 2008

Good Things

Yesterday was an interesting whirlwind adventure...

The morning started somewhat misty-eyed:

After nearly 2 years of volunteering with Ladies' Thrive at the Baton Rouge Dream Center, yesterday was the last "THRIVE" of this year.
Officially, we are just taking a break for the holidays to focus on all of our upcoming activities (Fall Fest, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Toy Give-Away), but in reality, they are looking for a way to shake things up a bit.
They want THRIVE to evolve into more of a discipleship program -- teaching the men and women practical life application & encouraging them to step up and volunteer, too.
I think this is an AWESOME idea.
Even so, I'm kinda sad to see this "era" come to an end.

There are some inner-city ladies who have been with us almost from the beginning:
Mrs. Augustine, Mrs. Georgia, Mrs. Mary, & Monica...
Others have only just joined us in the last few months:
Chevelle, Antoinette, & Mrs. Debra.
But ALL of them have come to hold a dear place in my heart.

I'm very excited to see what could & will become of the new plans that will be implemented in January.
I'm really hoping that ALL of these faithful men & women will become an integral part of BRDC and its many Outreaches.
A lump-in-my-throat-but-oh-so-excited Good Thing.

After THRIVE, I met my very good friend (and soul-sista) Monette at the Baton Rouge River Center for HOLLYDAYS.
Can you say: SIX & a half hours of non-stop SHOPPING!!!!!Monette was awesome!
I kept telling everyone that she was my "personal shopper," and really, she was!
Since I have lost so much weight, almost nothing fits me anymore.
And since I have struggled with my weight for so long (and tried to hide it behind baggy clothing), I'm kinda outta touch with what's in style.
Monette -- on the other hand -- is a walking fashion statement.
The girl never looks "undone;" she is ALWAYS GORGEOUS.

We had so much fun, but my feet are STILL hurting.
That's ok; it's nothing a little bling and some pretty shoes can't make me forget.
That's lots of good things!!

On another, more spiritual note:
I decided just a couple of weeks ago to get re-baptized. So did my middle daughter, Natasha.
She was only 7 when she was baptized the first time & really wanted to re-commit her life.
For me, it was all about "waking up" in my faith.
I've been a Christian since I was 10 years old, but God has worked some pretty amazing miracles in my life in the past couple of years.
I have been SO blessed in SO many ways. I'm excited to see all that He is doing & is about to do in my life!
I don't feel, even remotely, like the same person I was 3 years ago...
And that is a VERY GOOD thing.

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